It has become utmost important for all the Micro and small businesses to have Computers to run their businesses. In most of the cases, the computers have simply replaced the typewriters, and calculators, and are used to maintain accounts and send communications to customers. In Engineering and other areas there are some technical applications which are being employed. .

Is that all what the computers can do? Most of these businesses have little time to focus on this area, since the growth of the business and fire fighting take priority. .

Can the IT infra be converted to optimise the efficiency and help us to grow the business in question?

In the first place we have to identify the needs of the business and find out the areas where the digitisation can be employed to make the process more efficient. The challenges that may be faced in this process may be paucity of funds to invest further if need be, training and retraining the staff, besides investing time in finalising the needs, identifying the right vendors who are capable of offering solutions at the right price, and familiarising the staff to the changed systems, besides a good planning of backup for the data.

The advantages could be enormous starting from the enhanced image in the staff themselves, customers and vendors. With more of automated working, monitoring the work and process becomes very easy. Reports will be available for the asking. Communications with customers and vendors , besides within the departments will be effective.

We can achieve, speed, accuracy, better analysis, increased data storage capacity when compared to physical documents, reduction in the cost and space requirements, increase in the performance of the existing staff and possible elimination of adding more hands than required.


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