It has become utmost important for all the Micro and small businesses to have Computers to run their businesses. In most of the cases, the computers have simply replaced the typewriters, and calculators, and are used to maintain accounts and send communications to customers. In Engineering and other areas there are some technical applications which are being employed. Is that all what the computers can do? Most of these businesses have little time to focus on this area, since the growth of the business and fire fighting take priority. [Read full article]



You had a hectic day in the office and were caught in a messy traffic, and simply want to relax watching TV after a bath. Your school going Son pleads with you to get a print out of his assignment which he downloaded, and the dead line is 7.30 in the morning!!!!! It was a great weekend spent with your family. Long and relaxed drive in the ECR was enjoyable. Your Boss who usually does not bother you on holidays is calling and you know something is cooking up. Yes. The big evading customer you were working for a long time wants you by 8 in the morning with your presentations. Thank God you have all the files in your PC. [Read full article]